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our story

Your hosts are Natasha Boyd & Maireire Norman

“We want guests to enjoy the stunning lake and mountain view, unwind and relax with a coffee or glass of wine, and leave their busy lives for another day. The central location (only a three minute walk to town) allows guests to ditch their car and walk in the fresh high country air, exploring all Lake Tekapo has to offer.”

Maireire and Natasha have both travelled extensively and stayed in many types of accommodation all over the world. Their travelling experiences were what sparked the desire to create a really unique experience where guests could retreat and relax but still have the convenience of being able to walk everywhere.


Maireire and Natasha met in Auckland and that’s when the conversations started to provide a bespoke high-end accommodation experience in Takapō/Lake Tekapo. So in 2019 they both gave up their corporate jobs and moved to beautiful Takapō/Lake Tekapo with their daughter, Isla. Maireire grew up in Takapō/Lake Tekapo, and purchased land after completing university before travelling the world. He has always wanted to return to his hometown. Natasha, originally from Wellington, lived overseas for a number of years and loved the idea of a slower pace of life for their daughter.


The villa design is simple and striking with a focus on the guest at all times. When Maireire and Natasha approached their builder, they had an idea in mind of what they wanted. But when he came back with a suggestion of something different it really excited them. They engaged an architect to develop the concept further which they refined through brainstorming possible modifications with friends and family, eventually coming up with something that they hoped would be unique in Takapō/Lake Tekapo.


Dark Sky Villas started welcoming guests in December 2019 and Maireire and Natasha have met some wonderful people. The villas appeal to both couples and families as they are spacious and modern with a full kitchen and laundry, not to mention stunning views and being situated on a large property surrounded by rolling lawns.


The move has also been amazing for their little family. Leaving the sprawling city behind, instead of time stuck in traffic or in meetings, they spend time racing around after their daughter in the backyard and providing a unique accommodation experience for their guests.

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